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Nintendo GameBoy Camera: "Memory Reset Switch

**Instead of doing this mod, you can press and hold down the "Start" and "Select" buttons on start up.**

Alright. So I am a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to photography besides myall time favorite 250 Land Camera (Polaroid), I'd have to say my second favorite camera has to be my GameBoy Camera. I can take it anywhere, work on music or takes some pictures if I'm out and about. It actually takes some great shots with natural day light, and the onboard effects are pretty fun.

One thing you can do quite nicely is take time laps shots, to create a stop ani style movie so to speak. I have plans of making some video's with this but have found that the 30 image max is kind of a drag. I'm sure I could figure out how to make more room, but I needed an easy way to speed up the transfer process.

A little background on how I transfer my images from my GB Camera to my Computer.
1. I take pictures
2. I back up the .SAV file via the GB Transferer
3. I then use a program called GBCameraDump

There is more info about this stuff on the web, just google it.
This process takes a bit of time. What takes even more time, is deleting all of the images that I have taken once I have transferred the images to my PC. You have to go through one by one deleting each image to clear out the gallery. ** I have recently been informed that if you press and hold the "Select" and "Start" button on the the game start up you will be promted to erase all of the memory. So this tutorial is sort of pointless now. but i prefer this method over the software method ;) besides, a big red pushbutton just looks cool. lol **

I got to thinking... When the battery is dead on a cart it doesn't store songs right?
Logically that theory should apply to a GB Camera right? So what would happen if I interrupted the camera's internal battery line? I tested it out by opening it up and lifting the negative side of the battery, and BINGO!! It cleared out all of my pictures.

So I took a look at the camera carts chassis to see if it was possible to fit a pushbutton switch in there. YUP!   So here we go!!!

***Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage caused to you or your GB Camera due to human error. Discharge your body before working on anything electronic and above all,
be careful and use common sense.***

(2) 2-3" pieces of wire stripped and tinned on either end
(1) Tri-Wing Screw driver
(1) Normally Closed pushbutton switch (small in size)
Wire cutters
Small 1/2" square piece of mylar or thin plastic
Small sized shrink tube


Step 1:   Opening the GB Camera

Place the GB Camera on a flat surface and locate the 4 TRIWING Scerws that hold the cart together *note* there are two screws located on the camera ball, these are not the screws you want to pay attention to. Remove the 4 screws (one in each corner (click image to see said screws).

Step 2 Lift one side of the battery (I lifted the negative side, this is probably ok, but treat it as though you were jumping your car battery,)
Place your soldering iron on the tab of the side you would like to lift, Use a small flat blade to life the battery once the solder has melted. It should life up easily, be sure to wait until the solder is flowing, before you lift, but also be careful not to head up the battery for too long. It should only take about 2-3 seconds.  

Step 3: Switch Prep

Find the "o" in GameBoy on the back cover of the camera. Drill a hole to the size of your normally closed pushbutton. Mount the Switch.

Once the switch is mounted, bend the 2 leads out flat. Tin the leads (be careful not to melt the plastic around them by heating the leads up too hot). Solder your two wires to the leads and shrink some shrink tube around them to insulate them.

Step 4. Solder your switch wires to the battery and the circuitboard.

Step 5: Insulate the Battery from the pcb.
Glue the mylar/pastic to the circuit board, then glue the leg of the battery to the top of the mylar/plastic. It's hard to see in this pic but it's glued right under the battery.
The image below that shows a piece of paper to demonstrate what I am talking about.

Step 6: Closer her up!
Be careful as you close the cart up once everything has been installed. Double check your work before you screw it shut. Be careful of the wires getting crimped by the sides. See how the clearance is close!

You should now have a memory reset button.

How to use it:
when the GameBoy is powered on it will do nothing, you can press it all day long while the GameBoy is powered. If you want to erase ALL of your pictures once you've transferred them, Power Down the GameBoy and Press your Memory Erase push button for 3 seconds (one thousand 1, one thousand 2, one thousand 3). Power Up your GameBoy, check your gallery. MAGIC! They're all gone!
Now if you want to transport your camera and want to keep the images stored on there I recommend being very careful. Because if you press it by accident It will erase everything.

There ya go. You just saved yourself a bunch of time in the future!