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L-Tron - L-Tron

A year in the making and his first full length album is finally available!

Track list:

01. Protostar
02. Control Room
03. Cosmic
04. The Chase
05. Labrynth of the Mechanical Heart
06. Across the Galaxy
07. Vidme
08. Wish4U
09. Wonder
10. ZX3YW

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Low-Gain - Low-Gain

This self-titled release is now available as a full size compact disc: Click 4 Preview!

Track list:

01. Trekky
02. FYUK
03. Bitties
04. Geiger
05. The Longing
06. Missing Out
07. Quest
08. Mushroom March
09. Sun Ra
10. Vintage New
11. Eve
12. FIght4It
13. Rolodex

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Unicorn Dream Attack - Love Bits

UNICORN DREAM ATTACK!, this amazing album is now available for purchasing!

Track list:

01. bit3rsw33t
02. h4nds
03. sp34k musik
04. littl3 0n3s
05. pill0w f0rt
06. 3x3cut3 c0mm4nd
07. w34k & sm4ll
08. pitf4ll
09. 4l0n3
10. cling t0 y0ur l0v3

continental U.S.(lower 48 states)


outside of continental U.S

I'll also have a video explaining how this works.


NESmod Ver: 1.0

(For use with midiNES from WayFar **Note: midiNES not included w/ NESmod**)

Pulse Channels ouput on Left
Tri/Wave/Noise output on Right
(all channels summed to mono if only LEFT output is in use)

The output is boosted (fixed amount) to get you a bit more bang for your buck. This output amplifier also provides protection from reverse voltage spikes to your NES's main board.

The 72pin connector is replaced with a brand new one so your system should last another 20 years.

The power supply will be re-capped to reduce power supply hum (the old NES's suffers from hum due to age, Filter caps get leaky after their shelf life)

I also change out the LED for a color of your choice (a fun one is the color changing led! runs through a sequence of colors!!)

NESmod Kit includes: Assembled PCB & Hook-up wires
(72pin connector, LED and Cap not included)

Check Kitsch-bent's site for details!

Pictures Coming Soon!


The C64mod is very similar to the NESmod in that it uses the same pcb.
What it will do is allow you to have a buffered/boosted output of your Sid Chip, in the form of a 1/4" jack. If you have a sid2sid board you will have the option of running the two chips out (1) 1/4" jack (mono) or run each chip out a separate 1/4" jack.

Check Kitschbent's site for details!